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How Often Should You Empty a Septic Tank?

Septic tanks are very important in residential and commercial sewage systems. They are usually constructed using concrete or plastic for collecting wastewater and sewage. Septic tanks are worthwhile investments, but they also require efficient and regular maintenance. You can always count on High Country Vac Services for reliable septic services, but there are certain factors that you can understand yourself to determine whether a septic tank should be emptied or not.

High Country Vac Services is a fully licensed and certified septic company that provides residential and commercial waste hauling solutions throughout Calgary and the Foothills area. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff knows how to execute septic services safely. Let's see the factors that determine the pumping frequency of your property's septic tank.


Why Does a Septic Tank Need to be Emptied?

Waste overload is one of the major reasons why septic tanks should be emptied regularly. The maintenance of the septic tank is essential, even if you are not experiencing any major issues with it.

Emptying a septic tank is necessary for it to fulfill its main purpose. Heavier substances will settle at the bottom and form a layer of sludge. If the sludge reaches higher levels, more solid substances will move to lateral field pipes of the tank. If the lateral field pipes are clogged, liquids won’t be able to flow freely through and out of the pipes. If that happens, the unsanitary water will move up to the surface as the system will be overloaded.

When to empty?

As a rule of thumb, you should pump out your tank every one to two years. The actual frequency depends a lot on the usage and the number of people living on the property. An individual living alone may be able to go longer without emptying the tank, but a family of eight will have to get the tank emptied every two years.


Signs That Your Septic System Needs to Be Emptied

Specific signs that you should look for to identify whether a septic system needs to be pumped out are:

  • Pooling water
    If you notice water pooling on the lawn around the septic system, then the septic tank might be overflowing. When the tank has reached its full capacity, the solid waste will clog in your drain’s field piping and then force the liquid to rise to the ground.

  • Slow drains
    If the drains in your home aren’t moving fast as they are supposed to, then the drains might be clogged. But if the drains are slow even after unclogging, the septic system could be full.

  • Bad odours
    A septic tank collects not only waste but also the dirty water that’s coming from laundry, dishes and showering. All that wastewater will create a mixture that has a disgusting odour. This is a clear sign that you need to empty the septic tank.


We Can Help

High Country Vac Services has been providing reliable septic tank services such as septic system maintenance and septic tank pumping since 2007. Our technicians can help you in taking proper care of your septic system.

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