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Photo of the entrance of a septic system with some cleaning tools and pipe outside of the tank.

About 57 percent of households in Canada rely on a household septic system. Poor maintenance of your septic system is hazardous and may be the cause of most water-related illnesses. There are serious consequences when you do not provide proper maintenance to your septic system. Although this fact may be troubling, there is a way to prevent your septic system from turning hazardous. You need to get a good septic service provider to take care of your septic system. Getting the wrong service provider to offer you septic services can cause extensive damage to your property that will be expensive to repair and can make the problem much worse. This article will highlight tips to help you get a professional septic service company to handle your needs. Keep reading for a checklist that the company has to meet before you can trust them with your septic system.

1. Licensing and Insurance A good septic service company in Calgary must meet all the municipal, provisional, and federal requirements. Request to have a look at their papers, and have it well indicated in your contract that they have all the relevant licenses. Ask the company to provide you with information about their insurer as well. That insurance is important because it will cover any eventualities that may occur while they are working on your property. The insurance will also protect the company’s personnel in case they suffer any injury during work. 2. Experience of the Septic Service Company A company that has provided septic tank maintenance for some time is likely to have highly qualified personnel. Having dealt with a myriad of cases, they are best placed to offer good advice in comparison to those who are new. The experience allows them to deal with any unexpected events during the job with ease. 3. References When looking for the best company that offers septic services, ask them for references from past clients. A company may look good on paper, but it might disappoint you in other areas, like transparency and trustworthiness. These reviews and testimonials can tell you more than the company can tell you themselves. 4. List of Services Offered Find out all the services offered by the company so that you can give the contract to the right person for the right job. If you already know that you need specific services, like pumping a septic tank or cleaning a septic tank, be very clear from the start. Maybe the company ordinarily provides the service, but they may presently be unable to deliver. 5. Service Guarantees and Product Warranties High-quality septic services can only be done using good-quality equipment and products. The company providing you with septic tank maintenance must give you a guarantee that their products and service will be of good quality. Choose the Best Septic Service Company in Calgary A reliable septic service company will go the extra mile to attain customer satisfaction. Do not be in a hurry to get the work done and pick just any company to provide septic services. If you're looking for reliable septic cleaning and other septic services in Calgary, look no further! High Country Vac Services has the equipment and tools to offer you professional septic pumping and cleaning services to keep your household or commercial complex clean and safe. Learn more about our septic services, and get a free no-obligating quote.

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