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Excavation methods vary depending on the type of job that needs to be done. As there are different ways, it’s important to pick the one that’s most suited to the environment in which you intend to dig. So how will you know which method is right for the job? At High Country Vac Services, we offer non-destructive excavation methods that are perfect for jobs done in close proximity to utility pipes or cables buried beneath the soil. Let us help you find the right method to fit your needs.


Traditional excavation refers to the type of excavating that employs the use of a mechanical excavator. The process involves physically digging up the ground at the desired location. This is the method that’s generally applied when precision isn’t a primary concern. It’s frequently used when digging up the foundation for new buildings or homes.


Vacuum excavation methods employ the use of water or compressed air to break up the soil and then suck it up into a large tank. Both methods are used for jobs that require a higher level of precision than traditional excavation. They’re used to dig trenches around utility pipes and other delicate structures beneath the soil. While both methods are incredibly similar, there are a few differences:

  • Air Excavation. This method uses compressed air to loosen the soil and vacuum the material into the tank. One of the main advantages of using compressed air is that it creates dry spoils, which can then be used to refill the hole. It’s highly cost effective and doesn’t ruin the ground being excavated.

  • Hydro Excavation. Hydro excavation uses pressurised water to loosen the dirt, which is then vacuumed into a large tank. The main advantage of using hydro excavation is that it is incredibly precise. This means that any utility pipes will remain completely undisturbed through the entire process. This option can be much more affordable because it completely eliminates any need for restoration or repair. The vacuum sucks up all the mess and leaves the area in pristine condition.

If you have a delicate job that requires precise and accurate excavation, hydro excavation is the method for you. To request a quote, contact our office in Calgary. Trust the experts at High Country Vac Services; for more information regarding trenching, steaming and non-destructive excavation, check out our Hydrovac page.

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