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hydro excavation

Hydro excavation is a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, non-mechanical and non-destructive process that uses an air conveyance or vacuum to transfer soil to a debris tank. It doesn’t require digging equipment like metal or sharp edges that penetrate into the ground and as a result, there is no risk of underground utility damages.

As Hydro excavation uses heated water, it is said to be a great option for cold weather application. In addition to hydrovac services, High Country Vac Services provides reliable septic and waste removal and disposal services to customers in Calgary and surrounding areas. Our fleet consists of a variety of trucks which enables us to provide services in all sorts of situations. Traditional methods for digging and excavating don't always work. When there are pipes or conduits buried in the area being dug up, a more sophisticated approach has to be taken. Hydro excavation uses non-mechanical and safe excavating methods which get the job done faster while using less manpower and without disturbing any soil around the immediate excavation area. The results obtained are fast, safe, reliable and precise. This process requires less backfill, labour, restoration and has less environmental impact than traditional excavation techniques.


  • Construction: The first step in construction is ground excavation. Construction of any industrial facility, commercial building or residential houses cannot be started if the ground is not properly excavated. The excavation site can be very large and it takes a long time to get the digging done with traditional methods. Hydro excavation provides a much faster and more cost-efficient method for digging, especially for large areas.

  • Plumbing: Most of the pipelines and sewers are installed underground. To have them removed, soil needs to be excavated, hauled and restored. For any kind of establishment, underground facilities are needed. For instance, in residential areas, installing pipelines and sewers is a must which is the same for other buildings or facilities. As hydro excavation is a process that plays a vital role in the plumbing industry as it can dig through soil without damaging the existing underground utilities. It also gets the job done fast so operations can continue as soon as possible.

  • Landscaping: The whole idea of landscaping is to arrange plants and trees in a particular way to make the area look beautiful. This means a lot of digging and to beautify the area, holes need to be created in a particular way to place the plants. Digging carelessly would damage the soil, surrounding area and plants.


Hydro Excavation is now the most preferred method of digging because it offers a number of benefits. Let us take a look at some of them:

  • As Hydrovac only involves water and an air vacuum, it minimizes the need for additional equipment.

  • It offers a controlled way of excavating which causes no damage to the existing infrastructure.

  • Hydrovac provides a safe way to complete excavations without the need of having a worker inside the trench controlling the excavation equipment.

  • The process of hydro excavation also reduces additional expenses from material and labor.

  • Since it is a non-destructive and non-mechanical method, the labourers will be safe from machinery accidents or construction mishaps.

In general, hydro excavation is a method that creates a better service for the customer, making life easier for the contractors, customers and laborers. If a septic system is not regularly maintained, it can lead to a hazardous sewage backup. Read our blog SAVE YOURSELF FROM THE TROUBLE AND HIRE THEPROS TO CARE FOR YOUR SEPTIC SYSTEM to learn more about why you should hire professionals for the job. Contact our hydro excavation team in Calgary to book an appointment. We are available 24/7.

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